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The second episode of this season!. This episode was all about the other skills that developers can or should have, and to talk about that content we had Sam Julien in the show.
Sam is the Manager of the Developer Relations team at auth0, but also the author of a very good newsletter call Developer Microskills and two ebooks: The Guide to Tiny Experiments and Getting Started in Developer Relations. He is also an egghead instructor and writer.
During our chat, we review some ideas about writing, self-improvement, and "soft skills" that any developer can "develop".
And we had to talk about the white elephant in the room: What is a DevRel and what they do.
Found more content from Sam by following his twitter account but also on his website.
- Latest Course on Deploy Ghost to AWS using RDS and EC2
- Course: Up and running with Gastby
- Recommended Software:
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