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Scoobies, a question: Is "Double or Nothing" a fun episode of Angel or is it quite a sad episode of Angel? Depending on who you ask during this episode of Angel on Top—and possibly despite the iconic Coolio needle drop—the answer might surprise you. Join your hosts LaToya Ferguson and Morgan Lutich (AKA the Cordelia and Fred of the Bufferingverse, AKA Bones and Also Bones, AKA the Gunn Squad, AKA Theodore K. Mullins and Frank Scabopolis, and so much more) as they attempt to answer this very difficult question. They also celebrate the return of Cordelia (and Groo!), try, yet again, to figure out certain geographical choices in Angel's version of Los Angeles, and get some insight into the making of "Double or Nothing" from episode writer David H. Goodman. That's all fun, right?


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