223: Finding Purpose And Fulfillment Through Coaching with Kristin Tanner ["I Did It" Series]


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Kristin was one of our clients who did MACROS 101 and Coaching Academy simultaneously and has graduated as a Transformational Coach. In this episode, you’ll hear her story of stepping into that role of coaching and how, through her journey, she was able to set aside the idea that she has to be perfect, and move away from her imposter syndrome, to be able to serve and help her clients. So without further ado, let's jump into the episode with Kristin Tanner for today’s “I Did It” Series episode.

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  • Reverse and maintenance (7:00, 17:31)
  • Imposter syndrome and how to overcome it (8:59, 10:10)
  • Mindset and lifestyle shifts (12:36)
  • The importance to fuel yourself (14:59)
  • Don’t let your fear hold you back (16:10)
  • BAB Coaching Academy (17:31)


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