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Alrighty back to loosening up already and getting some smiles of happiness or disgusted quite possible, the perpetual WTF am I listening too? LOL
Anyhow I'm Danny B host of Belanger's Brain Breach, I've decided to use a funny voice to sing away to this karaoke your about to endure, yes that's a western fella your hearing. There is no "political anything involved" I'm obviously not concerned of the out come, just having a blast living and not thinking of the BS our self absorbed world tries to shove down our throats and up our arses! As always this podcast is random as F. Thank you, take care, stay healthy and spread the word if ya did just smile once, could be a lot for another and laughter is the mother of all cures to sadness.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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