Episode 8: Positivity Despite Hardships: How Master Colorist And MUA Alexandrea Villareal Continues To Look On The Bright Side


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Alexandrea Villareal lives her life in bold, beautiful color! She specializes in making her clients' gorgeous manes stand out in a crowd. After quickly gaining recognition on Instagram after doing the hair of a high-profile celebrity client, Alexandrea built a following on her social media channels rooted in two things: authenticity and relatability. She's personable, a girl's girl, and someone you'll instantly fall in love with! When COVID-19 caused all salons to close for more than six months, Alexandrea's salon took a hit that she's still trying to recover from. And then tragedy struck, and she lost all of her personal possessions. Despite many hardships, Alexandrea stays amazingly positive and says she's better off now for it. You'll love her warm spirit and amazing heart. Plus, this makeup queen even provides her drugstore makeup recommendations for the beauty guru on a budget. Grab your breakfast, get comfy and enjoy!

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