S01E30: Baseball and Snowboarding ft. Leo Tomatsu | Baseball vs Cricket | Are you Goofy or Regular?


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Leo Tomatsu hails from the United States of America but has a lot of Japan in him as well.

He was a divisional conference winner in baseball in middle school so knows his fair share about the sport.

He is also a snowboarding instructor so shares some valuable insights into the sport that Indians know nothing about.

Join hosts Rishabh Krishnan, Aniket Gue, Shubham Maloo, and Mazhar Gadiwala as they talk to their special guest - Leo - about two famous sports in the USA that have practically no presence in India.

Our hosts also have a fun discussion with Leo as there is a comparison between cricket and baseball, and whether they can help each other grow in the US as the MLB seems to be dying.

With this, we officially become the FIRST EVER INDIAN PODCAST to discuss BASEBALL AND SNOWBOARDING!


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