NBA Finals, NHL Playoff Picks, Roasted Spaghetti and the Julie Stewart-Binks!


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NBA Finals are well underway and the despite the glacial pace, the “Race to Ten Points” bet will be won Wed night by the Golden St. Warriors, according to The Parlay Kid. Playoffs have been riddled by blowouts so the “Sal Special” is back in play. Find out the other bets the AAO boys like for this series for your FanDuel and Underdog accounts.

Then we are off for a recap of the rangers @ Lightning Game 4. Tampa evens up the series. Game 5 is set for Thursday, and we have all the bets you need.

Very bad news for our Eddie Spaghetti as the NY Rangers give up a tough one to the defending champion TB Lightning at the very same time he and his girlfriend got roasted by Leslie Jones (SNL) at a comedy show. The AAO crew makes sure to relish in his discomfort.

NHL Player props and picks are handed out while Harry claims he has not lost in these recent Ranger games so you might want to pay attention to his pick.

TV’s Julie Stewart-Binks joins the show to discuss NHL playoffs, winning awards, and the trickiness of in-game interviews. Check out the Race to 10 tonight and put your cash on GSW!

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