Lamenting the NY Rangers vs TB Lightning, NBA, and UFC Bets and the Arizona Sun


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Not the best night for the AAO crew as they gather together in Manhattan Beach to watch Eddie Spaghetti’s Rangers lose right at the end to the Lightning. The Parlay Kid joins from the road to help look at NBA picks and to point out the folly of the West Coast group believing in the Rags. A preview of the @Celtics -4 vs. Warriors has player props popping for the next game. Once again the Sal Special is still very hot as -9.5 is still the play for both teams. Spaghetti still isn’t a fan of the term “Vontaze Trouba” and defends his defenseman in the recent loss, elbow be damned. Regardless they give a preview of Game 6. Finally, the Sharp Tank circles the Octagon as Brother Bri believes in Valentina while The Parlay Kid is ready for Glover Texeria to stop surprising him in the Octagon.

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