It's Time to Heal #14: The mRNA Revolution with Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel


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  • mRNA research before COVID and how "mRNA is code" [3:21]
  • The early days of COVID: designing a vaccine in 48 hours [5:44]
  • The software behind the vaccine: getting mRNA researchers out of Excel and into a drug design studio [9:11]
  • The first draft of the vaccine was the final draft [11:10]
  • How the government sped up vaccine development for COVID [12:18]
  • What other new vaccines will come from mRNA? [15:34]
  • How far are we from these mRNA vaccines? What do we need for them to be widely available? [25:31]
  • Open sourcing Moderna [27:53]
  • When will COVID vaccines be available for a five year old? [29:47]
  • The three factors that matter when dealing with COVID variants [30:46]
  • How might open source shake up biotech [36:41]
  • The moonshot applications for mRNA therapeutics [39:43]
  • Advice for building a new category in a regulated environment [46:49]
  • The clinical or regulatory advances needed to speed drug time to market [51:08]
  • Challenge trials for vaccines: good or bad idea? [59:11]

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