a16z Infra #4: Segmenting the Data Analytics Stack


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  • Why does it feel like there's a database for everything? [4:46]
  • What is the actual use case and market for streaming? [9:34]
  • How real is real time? [20:12]
  • Can you do everything in SQL? [25:08]
  • Is the future SQL extensions or does SQL become embedded in data frames? [40:19]
  • Is database consolidation coming? How many different systems will we have? (SPOILER: 3... maybe) [49:41]

a16z Infra is the Clubhouse Show where the a16z enterprise team and guests discuss the foundational technology and products that underpin all of tech. We dig deep into data, AI/ML, security, developer tools, compute, network, storage, hardware, and anything else found below the surface of modern stacks.

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