Locating myself in God's salvation plan


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Heb 2;14-15
Rom 8:11,
Matt 27:32,
Matt 27:57-59,
Mark 15:43,
Mark 16:1-,
John 20:11-12


  • # For a while it did appear that death had triumphed over Jesus. It seemed that all hope was lost and the darkness has prevailed over light.
  • # The grave however could not hold Jesus captive. At the appointed time, God did what He promised to do. Jesus triumphed over death and rose in victory.
  • # All power in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus. In dying and resurrecting, He stripped Satan of the power of death. If you believe in Him, the devil cannot take your life.
  • # The fear of death is of the devil. Refuse to live your life in bondage to the one from who you have been delivered.
  • # The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells on your inside so nothing is permitted to die in your life.

Locating your ministry in God's salvation plan.

  1. Simon of Cyrene - Every child of God must like Simon, be willing to put their shoulder to the cross of Christ and openly identify with His suffering.
  2. Joseph of Arimathea - Joseph did not fear the stigma of Christ's apparent defeat. We should be willing to use our resources, position, influence and goodwill to serve the purposes of Jesus.
  3. The women at the grave - These women worked to ensure that the body of Jesus smelt good. As Christians, we are called to preserve Christ's legacy not tear it down.
  4. Mary Magdalene - She stayed at the grave long after everyone had quit and left and so was first to witness His salvation. We are called to hold on to Jesus even when all seems to have failed. He will never fail us.

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