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Benchmark Live är en ekonomi- och finanspod där fokus ligger på investeringar och allt som påverkar investeringar. Varje avsnitt gästas vi av intressanta gäster som kan hjälpa till att belysa en del av de frågor investerare kan ha gällande möjligheter, risker och olika produkter. Poden presenteras av Strivo som är en av Sveriges främsta plattformar för rådgivet sparande.
The Business Benchmark Group Podcast, hosted by Stefan Kazakis, gives business owners insight and advice delivered by some of the best business coaches in Australia. We're dedicated to helping all business owners create and sustain, easy-to-run and profitable businesses that enhance their lives. Tune into recordings from live events, interviews with business owners who are kicking goals and discussions with thought leaders.


Messier Larocque Performance Group

Welcome to Benchmarked with Marc Messier and J-G Larocque. We are all in on Leadership, Coaching, Mental Performance, and overall support of those seeking to be the greatest version of themselves. It's all about leading the players and coaching the coaches. We will venture through our 9 Elements of Successful Leadership and bring you interviews with powerful leaders and influential athletes, as well as interesting stories from our time on the bench and in the classroom. Being a good leader r ...
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It's evident that when achieving business goals, the good, the bad exist, and in between lies the fun side! On this episode, Brendan Dover ofThe Drain Man and Matthew Adams from Tradie Wraps shares their amazing stories on how things work with up to 20 Tradie-based businesses every week.Tune in as they discuss:- Growing a business that serves Tradi…
What we talk about: This is where a good accountability partner can come into play. Or you need to really become self-honest and reflective and ask yourself important questions like Am I truly open to accepting change, responsibility, advice, input, criticism? It takes experience, perspective, and discipline to shift to a growth mindset and once yo…
Avsnitt 23 behandlar det som är på allas läppar i dagsläget, dvs inflation och räntar. För att dissekera detta ämne har vi ett kärt återbesök i form av Olof Manner till vår hjälp. Olof jobbar som Senior Advisor på Swedbank och en av de mest namnkunniga personerna i Sverige gällande dessa ämnen. Vi får i detta avsnitt bland annat ta del av hans syn …
If it's hard, would you do it? Stefan kicks off the discussion with a thought-provoking quote, ""if a trade-based business was easy, everyone would be doing it."" In this episode, Brendan Dover shares great insights towards making 'The Drain Man' a success! The topic revolves around:- Managing growth vs leading growth- Building culture and standard…
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