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Hour 3: Rapinoe was on Kimmel and he gave her chicken nuggets as a joke about not going to the White House. And a women’s team player was kept off the team because she wouldn’t wear a gay pride jersey.Por WEEI
Hour 1: Gerry is back from vacation and has some thoughts on Megan Rapinoe, saying anyone who dies their hair purple like her is a huge egomaniac. Marc James had a problem with Curtis’ performance on the air last week and Jerry Remy opens up in his new book about his son Jared murdering his fiancee.Por WEEI
Hour 4. James, Hart, and Reimer are in for Mut and Gerry and explain why Trump is apparently upset with soccer fans for disparaging chant during a live shot on Fox. Also, are Gronk and Brady simply leading Patriots fans on with these workouts or is there fire underneath that smoke.Por WEEI
Hour 2. James, Hart, and Reimer are in for Mut and Gerry. The guys explain why Ty Law thinks HOF voters are biased against the Patriots and he is probably right. Also, another edition of headlines with Andy Hart featuring Jeffrey Epstein arrested, ice cream licking challenge copycats are getting arrested, and more.…
Hour 4. Dick, James, and Hart are in for Mut and Gerry. The guys explain how Dombrowski is the least valuable member of the Red Sox for 2019. Also, is Rapinoe un-American for comments on White House visit.Por WEEI
Hour 3. Marconi Marc James and Wiggy are in for Mut and Gerry. The boys wonder, will Megan Rapinoe's comments lead some to root against USWNT in Sunday's World Cup Final? Plus, Wiggy and James would trade Mookie Betts before the deadline.Por WEEI
Hour 3: Gronk looked really thin at the Julian Edelman documentary premiere so what does this mean about whether or not he will unretire? Ken says he’ll be back by December. And women’s soccer is not as good as men’s soccer but Trenni disagreesPor WEEI
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