07 Practical Ways to Study God's Word -- An Interview with Amber Daniel


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I absolutely loved recording this episode. There isn't anything sweeter than being able to sit in a room with one of your very best friends talking about a subject you're passionate about. You are in for a treat today! Amber shared her journey of cultivating an adoration for studying God's word and how it took a simple perspective shift for her. Together, Amber, Jon and myself each share how we personally study the Bible (spoiler: it's 3 totally different ways)! Tune in to discover new ways to study God's word and train your brain to create it as a habit rather than a check mark on your to do list. Be sure to give Amber a follow on Instagram @equipping.arrows and check out her blog for the information she mentions https://www.equippingarrows.com/post/practical-ways-to-study-god-s-word

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