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On our first English episode for La Pizarra, Josh Prinsloo of Fruit Vendor, a talented musician, artist, actor, and voice over artist talks about music, loss, and the importance of monetizing your skills in the industry. Josh Prinsloo is an all-around creative person whose artistic journey started early in life. Between his creative mother, whom he lost at the age of 12, to his brother’s taste in music, Josh had the influences all around him at a very young age.

Josh’s songs are stories that connect with the listener, often drawing from his own life experiences: helping deal with tragedy, loss, social causes/injustices.As a young artist in South Africa, Josh has been faced with many adversities, but he is determined to pave a way to advocate and educate his fellow artist, even when family may not be as accepting of these types of careers.

Although the mentors Josh had played a significant role in his journey, there was always one thing they were leaving out: ways to monetize artistic skills. So, he set out to learn skills and entrepreneurial techniques while he was getting his degree at Stellenbosch University. And now, in the midst of a pandemic, he is sharing the fruits of his labor with us in this interview.

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