"I was waiting to die."


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"I was waiting to die. I was praying”. A Capital gazette reporter describes the terror caused by mass shooter Jarrod Ramos. Six survivors testified in his trial. A photographer said he "felt the wind against his neck” as shotgun pellets whizzed past his head and narrowly missed killing him.

“Delusional.” That’s how a renowned psychiatric describes Ramos. An expert who specializes in violent behavior, she's previously evaluated high profile killers like Mark David Chapman, who shot former Beatle John Lennon, Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad, and serial killer Ted Bundy.

Now the jury must decide if Ramos suffers from mental illness that makes him unable to appreciate the "criminality of his acts". If they decide Ramos is criminally responsible for the murders, he'll be sentenced to life in prison. If they decide he's not criminally responsible, he be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

This podcast lets you decide for yourself through evidence presented the jury.

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