Sciatica Story with Drew Jordan


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Thanks for reading the 11th edition of my sciatica newsletter. This newsletter tracks my research into all things lumbar radicular pain!
This week's podcast is a Sciatica Story with Drew Jordan
Drew got sciatica about one year ago. He was on holiday and tried surfing for the first time which seems to have triggered it, and he spent a lot of time sitting which seemed to make it worse.
After one or two false starts and misdiagnoses, he found out what was causing the pain, found a physical therapist who helped him a lot, and started making progress with his pain. He recently made a video on youtube explaining his approach and what worked for him called Sciatica Survival Guide.
Drew has an incredible systematic, reflective, “big picture” approach to getting on top of his pain.
His video, and I hope this podcast, will be helpful to clinicians and people with pain alike. I think it will be particularly useful for anyone who is trying to work out their personal “pain triggers” and how to manage them.
I hope you enjoy our conversation!
Drew’s Sciatica Survival Guide
Drew’s Sciatica Playlist
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