Dj Klang - Chronotype Buzz


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Dj Klang is one of the most outstanding figures in Mexican techno, with a career spanning more than three decades and performing at renowned festivals such as the Love Parade in Berlin and Mexico. His musical productions are characterized by their energy and strength as shown in the Get Rid of The Fear published by Euforia Records. The first track gives this installment its name "Get Rid of The Fear" and it is an agitated and intense track, with incessant percussions that make you dance wildly, raising the temperature of any dance floor. The track includes acid melodies that blend with the rhythm to create a moving track that encourages you to move and forget your fear. The second track is “Chronotype Buzz” and it is much more melodic and deep, its synth lines mesmerize you as it moves along with a solid and well-delineated rhythm. Dj Klang delivers a delivery with high-caliber music ready to make you jump on the dance floor.

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